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Kay Schröder

Kay Schröder

Director – Corporate and Commercial

5 legal degrees in three different languages (German, Afrikaans and English), Advanced Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution;
28 years’ experience in international and national litigation, having been involved in court cases and appeared in courts in Germany, Switzerland and South Africa,

Volker Werth

Volker Werth

Director - Corporate and Commercial

Rand Afrikaans University from 1990 to 1997, obtained his B.Proc and LLB degrees. Admitted in 1998.Certificate in Transnational Business Law from UNISA in 1995. Worked in an international law firm in Brussels in 1995 for a year and returned to South Africa where he occupied the position of legal advisor and Head of Trade Department for the SA-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Wayne Venter

Wayne Venter

Director – Insurance & Construction

Completed his legal education at Wits in 1995, obtaining B.Proc and LLB degrees. He commenced his articles in 1996 and was admitted as an Attorney in 1998. In 2002 he became partner at LindsayKeller, where he continued to practice until he became a founding director of WerthSchröderInc..

Angelika Yakovchuk

Angelika Yakovchuk


Earned her BA and LLB degrees at the University of Witwatersrand. Holds the position of Vice President of The French South African Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Specialises in immigration and commercial law, providing legal advice and strategic guidance on a multitude of commercial matters to large local and multinational corporations.

Our Services

Corporate and Commercial Insurance Litigation and Arbitration Tax Law Construction & Competition Law Labour Law Immigration Property law and Late Estates Renewable Energy

Company Profile

WerthSchröder Inc. is the cat amongst the pigeons in Johannesburg’s attorneys’ scene. Partners Volker Werth, Kay Schröder, Wayne Venter and Angelika Yakovchuk put their knowledge and experience together to found a firm in which their skills and competencies are fast-forwarding their reputation.

With the law of immigration, corporate, commercial, German and European law, insurance, insolvency, competition, construction, tax

and labour law, renewable energy, BEE as well as specifically law of

contracts and its unforeseen niceties  the directors, who enjoy international recognition by prestigious law
firms specifically in Europe have thus ensured a broad and, where necessary and advantageous for the client, consultant-based support structure to their spectrum of services offered.

WerthSchröder Inc. has a unique advantage for its clients: the diversity of languages in which their attorneys are proficient. Clients can be served in German, English, Afrikaans, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian. What is more, having just created their own Africa Desk under the leadership of Prof. Dr. André Thomashausen, legal advice can be secured and is accompanied by the firm all the way in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Botswana, the DRC, Nigeria, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and others.

WerthSchröder Inc. still in these modern days remains committed to old values.  The firm’s credo is that honesty is an indispensable condition of legal advice.

For the client’s convenience, services are offered from their offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Maputo.