Competition Law

South Africa’s economic system is based primarily on free market principles; and while competition is controlled, the local competition regulations are based on international practices.The amended Competition Act of 2009 will see directors and managers in prison, if they participate in or tacitly consent to cartel conduct or other niceties, frowned upon by the act. It tries to protect whistle-blower firms or individuals, but talk to Mr Snowden as to what that’s worth.

  • Legislation
  • Advisory Work
  • Merger control compliance
  • Merger approval applications to the Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal
  • Competition law due diligence investigations and audits
  • Exemption applications
  • Market investigations
  • Cartel investigations and settlements
  • Compliance with local and international competition laws in general
  • Criminal, disciplinary and forensic investigations relating to cartels
  • Complaints relating to anti-competitive conduct, including appearances before the
  • Competition Commission and Competition Tribunal in interim relief, intervention, defence and appeal proceedings
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Information technology
  • Data Protection
  • Insolvency and corporate recoveries
  • Insurance and re-insurance
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Outward and inward investment
  • Property Law/Transfer of Property
  • Sale of Business
  • Tax Law
  • Technology, media and telecommunications

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