Foreign Investment always brings with it the need to manage expats and their families, and the whole scenario of visa applications going with it.

The firm has absolute experts at hand, who will guide you through the processes, be it for the Management or for 5000 specialist workers, and manage your visa applications in their entirety. The firm is a preferred immigration service provider for, and acts on behalf of numerous multinational companies operating in South Africa, including some of globally largest Energy, Oil& Gas, Construction, Automotive, IT, Logistics, Hospitality, Insurance, Financial Sector companies, as well as other industries.

Our involvement includes a broad spectrum of activities – from high level involvement with the Ministries of DTI and DHA, to processing all categories of visas envisaged in term of Immigration Act, with the capacity of processing large volumes on project works.  We lobby on behalf of organisations with the South African Government, to position our clients most favourably to meets client’s operational demands in South Africa.


  • Immigration Compliance Management
  • Government Liaison
  • Visas
  • General Work Visa
  • Critical Skills Work Visa
  • Intra-company Transfer Work Visa
  • Corporate Visa
  • Study Visa
  • Retired Persons’ Visa
  • Relatives’ Visa
  • Section 11(2) Visa
  • Waiver Request
  • Visitor’s Visa
  • Permanent Residence

Head of the Department

Angelika Yakovchak

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