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Africa Desk

New horizons in Africa presentation
The Saxon, 21 APRIL 2016
Prof. Dr. André Thomashausen Attached : Presentation

“This is without doubt the African century, exposing some of the fastest growing commercial ventures in the world and offering multiple opportunities to foreign investors seeking new and exciting markets.

Recognising this, WerthSchröder Inc. has expanded its international network through the establishment of its AFRICA DESK. The concept is based on an approved and tested network, which allows to offer legal services in inter alia Angola, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Chad, Ghana, Guinè Bissau, DRC, Ethiopia, Liberia, Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Soa Tome, Senegal and Zambia.

At the helm of the AFRICA DESK stands Professor Dr. André Thomashausen, a German attorney and senior law lecturer of the University of South Africa, with 35 years’ experience in legal consulting, contract drafting and negotiation, litigation and arbitration. Professor Thomashausen is also a sworn court translator for German, English, French and Portuguese.

Thomashausen and his team are committed to providing the client with a most sophisticated and professional legal and service network, ensuring controlled advice in dealing with the complexities of unfamiliar cultures, business landscapes, legal, financial and tax structures and regulatory regimes. The concept is designed to minimise risk and maximise advice efficiency through the right contacts and proper consideration of local customs, traditions and cultural norms and standards. Efficiency and competence will expedite any transition into a new and unfamiliar market in the most straight forward way.

Other than most legal services offered in Africa, Africa Desk retains the control over the work done in the target country, inclusive the reporting and the handling of the financial affairs of the matter. Rather than simple referrals WerthSchröder Inc. offers its clients an integrated service for which it remains responsible, including corporate services (company registrations), as well as legal translations into and from all major languages.

The expertise covers the following areas:

  • Drafting of and review of contracts
  • Joint ventures, distributorships, companies and partnerships
  • Environmental and energy law
  • Foreign exchanges registrations and benefits, licensing, concessions and localisation laws
  • Immigration and expatriate work permissions, customs and excise services
  • Labour, employment and related issues
  • Project finance and forex regimes
  • Anti-corruption and governance compliance
  • Commercial representation, company formation and administration

Africa, tomorrows destination.