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Immigration Law

Investment always brings with it the need to deal with personnel. Often that includes expats from overseas and the whole scenario of visa applications going with it.

Don’t try it yourself, you will never recover those sleepless nights or understand the chimerian mind-sets of many of the officials involved. The firm has absolute experts at hand, who will guide you through the processes, be it for the MD or for 500 specialist workers.  The firm acts on behalf of numerous multinational companies operating in South Africa, including some of globally largest IT and Construction Sector companies, as well as other industries. The firm is for a lot of clients the preferred service providers for Eskom related projects, as well as other industries.

Our involvement includes a broad spectrum of activities – from high level involvement with the Ministries of DTI and DHA to processing all types of permits envisaged in term of Immigration Act, with the capacity of processing 1200 permits monthly. We lobby on behalf of large organisations with management of DTI and DHA to position our clients most favourably to facilitate clients’ operations in SA.

“Immigration Laws are difficult. For most they are a border, for some an opportunity.

The firm will attend to:

  • Immigration compliance;
  • Government liaison;
  • Work visas;
  • Work force planning;
  • Mobility advice;

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