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The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (‘FICA’)

As one of several so-called ‘accountable institutions’, attorneys are required to comply with the provisions of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, no. 38 of 2001 (‘FICA’). This means that, just like banks, estate agents, accountants and stock brokers, for instance, we are required to collect and retain certain information from our clients, and to keep this information on record for the duration of the mandate and for a certain number of years thereafter. In terms of FICA we are also compelled to report money laundering activities.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding our obligations under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act or the effect this may have on the legal privilege (in terms of which communications between attorneys and clients are protected), please contact Volker Werth, our compliance officer.


The Public Access to Information Act (‘PAIA’)

For more information on your rights regarding access to the information we may hold on you, please contact Wayne Venter, our compliance officer. Contact us should you require a copy of our PAIA manual.


Terms of Engagement

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