Werth Schröder Milestones

  • 1
    01 March 2012
    WerthSchröder Inc. open it's doors.
  • 2
    02 March 2012
    Appointment of Kay Schröder, Volker Werth, Jasmin Schweitzer and Wayne Venter as Directors.
  • 3
    25 May 2012
    Official Launch Party at the German Chamber.
  • 4
    06 June 2012
    Appointment of Angelika Yakovchuk as Director.
  • 5
    January 2013
    Angelika Yakovchuk - engaging with the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs, resulting in change of national policy.
  • 6
    February 2013
    Kay Schröder - Obtaining an important decision regarding the validity of Trusts in the Johannesburg High Court.
  • 7
    June 2013
    Angelika Yakovchuk - elected as a Vice President of French South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Volker Werth - appointment as director of Saarland International (official representative of the economy of the State of Saarland) in South Africa.
  • 8
    November 2013
    Kay Schröder - Winning ICC arbitration award against the South African Government for an Austrian client.
  • 9
    February 2014
    Kay Schröder - Conclusion of an important acquisition of the majority shareholding in a South African manufacturing company. Angelika Yakovchuk - appointment as a member of advisory committee on immigration. Volker Werth - appointment as approved legal service provider to the High Commission of Canada in South Africa.
  • 10
    March 2014
    Kay Schröder - Interview with Business Day Live
    Youtube Link - http://youtu.be/gKVYGB7h9C8
  • 11
    March - July 2014
    Kay Schröder - Comments on the Oscar Pistorius trial for German TV RTL.
    Volker Werth - presentation to potential investors (focus on BEE) in Hannover, Germany.
    Volker Werth - presentation to potential investors in Saarbruecken, Germany.
  • 12
    April 2014
    Prof. Dr. André Thomashausen - appointed to head up the Africa Desk.
  • 13
    June 2014
    Kay Schröder - Re-elected to the Senior Council of the German – Southern African Chamber of Commerce.
    Angelika Yakovchuk - appointment on the board of Euro Chamber in South Africa.
  • 14
    July 2014
    Angelika Yakovchuk - appointment as an immigration legal expert for National Treasury Project on National Policy on One Stop Border Posts in South Africa.
    Volker Werth - moderator to Canadian trade delegation (mining and energy sector).
  • 15
    August 2014
    Kay Schröder appointed by the High Court of Cologne, Germany, as an Expert Witness in South African Trust Law.